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Hi, I'm Irby Foster

Irby Foster


My name is Irby Foster, and I'm a proud Texan, father and business owner. I've called Texas home for over twenty years.  


There is a lot of work to be done in our district. My opponent's decision to try to defund the police, but then vote to cut $7 million from the DPD OT budget was not only negligent, but was a temporary solution to a desperate need. Its making residents unsafe. Gun shots, and street racing are out of control, and heard throughout the district nearly every night. 

What our police force needs is adequate training, in de-escalation from the start. The command staff that was cut, needs to be restored. Officers need mental health training, and we need mental health officers trained in de-escalation. Gun units, and gang units need to be better funded. 

City services have become mediocre. We need city departments opened back up, with across the board training in customer service. Code, 311, Public Works, Sanitation and Transportation, need new practices and policies which will create stellar facilities and services, while building accountability to follow up resident's complaints.  


New Ideas. Traditional Values

What if, in addition to refunding the police, I can commit to addressing issues surrounding quality of life, infrastructure, seniors and transportation in our district? 


A great city starts with great BASIC services. What if we had consistent trash and recycling pick-up, clean streets, new sidewalks, stronger code enforcement, litter control, working street lights? What if we had stellar customer service? In short, we can have those, but we need to put working ISO systems in place to ensure that complaints are being completed and followed-up on in a timely manner. Liter, illegal dumping, and code violations must be addressed with new codified practices. 


Most city councilors have neglected quality of life issues, throughout the District and especially for our seniors. As your City Counselor, I'll focus on providing excellent basic services - before we spend money on non-essential services. We need to build new recreation centers re-designed to provide services to senior citizens, our youth, and the unemployed and underserved. All City of Dallas ~40 year old fire stations/rec centers need to be replaced. We need to solve the police and fire pension fund to make the city solvent


Traffic is a nightmare. I-20 has no service roads. Interstates downtown are clogged. We could increase tax revenue by adding freeway frontage service roads to I-20 and I-35. The Trinity Parkway needs to be built. Outdated traffic signal systems need to be replaced with technology that allows traffic to flow across the city, and stop traffic for emergency vehicles. Traffic lights need to be painted to improve and reduce blight. Street signs need to be lighted.  

Address education access by extending the DART red line to Mountain View College, Dallas Baptist, and Dallas International University. Extend the DART blue line to Cedar Valley college.


Economic Development in our district has stalled. Execute the Executive Airport master plan. Create small business incubators, and industrial parks on airport property.


Encourage single family development with home ownership. Discourage more low income housing, and endless warehouses. We need beautification efforts. Board and Commission appointments need to be from the district, not outsiders.


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