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Vote Irby Foster on May 1st!

"What really pushed me to run was Casey Thomas's attempt to defund the police - but still cutting $7 million from the OT budget.* Our response time for code 1 calls is 8 minutes. That's unacceptable." Read the Mayor's comments here: Losing at halftime on public safety in Dallas | by Mayor Eric Johnson | Office of Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson | Apr, 2021 | Medium


Meet Irby

 Dallas is home for Irby Foster. He's owned a home for 20 years in Oak Cliff and raised two boys here. Irby started his own business while finishing his master's degree at UTA. Irby has 25 years experience in public service working for DART, the City of Dallas & Dallas College. The decision to run for city councilor was a natural next-step.

  Irby has worked with neighborhood churches, city employees and business leaders to promote change and growth in Dallas. Irby has experience as a senior manager, including for the City of Dallas. However, more importantly what he has found lacking in our politicians lately is values, specifically Judeo-Christian values.

"What really solidified my decision to run," says Irby, "was Casey Thomas's vote to cut the police OT budget in Nov. 2020 by $7 million*. While they put the money back- into other programs like hiring several civilian employees, street lights, and bike trails, it was not put back into the DPD overtime budget. DPD response time for serious code 1 calls is already 8+ minutes. That's just unacceptable."  Scripturally, God set up government (and police) to provide for law and order - not chaos. 


My top three priorities once elected are addressing: 1. Crime 2. Mediocre city services, and 3. Landing a full service grocery to D3. 

  Specifically, I will push to hire 1000 more police officers, with brand new training to de-escalate violence, and racial tension. We need larger command staffs, mental health officers, and better funded gang and gun units to fight gun crime, and gun shots in our neighborhoods. 

  Further, Dallas city services have become mediocre. Dallas needs to open back up for business with all employees receiving across the board re-training in providing stellar customer service. Then, Code, Public Works, Sanitation, Water and Transportation all need a new focus on creating city services and infrastructure that reflects a vibrant, clean, beautiful city, with new practices that include neighborhood stakeholder decision making-not old style top down decisions. 

Finally, we need not one, but two full service grocers in D3. This will come by partnering with major groceries on specifics to design, build, operate & co-own facilities.      



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